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A journey in wood fired cooking.
how to cook by a non chef

A long time ago, my then building partner, Frank Blaker, Nicky Saunter and I started a partnership to promote sustainabiity through hands on adult and child education.

Acheiving some european funding, we created Learning from the Land, a socially responable company that educated adn empowered through three courses.

1. Cob - pizza ovens and walls.

2. Water Bottle Greenhouses - recycling water bottles into a large closh that allowed water to pass through but protect plants from frosts.

3. Composting Toilets - A hands on teo day, that empowered people to use saws and hammers and build a lasting structure with a purpose.

We each individually then learnt more about how much people enjoyed hands on learning and how disconnected the majority of people were from activity based learning.