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A journey in wood fired cooking.
how to cook by a non chef

A chance coversation about building kilns, how high heat was generated and how to reduce wood usage, intoduced me to rocket stoves.

The premise - if your going to burn a solid fuel, burn it hot and well and then you get no smoke. Smoke comes from unburnt fuel and is a waste.

The process - A rocket is two pipes joined at 90degrees, in the lower pipe you make a small fire, the air is drawn rapidly over the fire accelerating the fire. The air is heated by the fire and then burns the red hot coal at high temp. This creates a wood gasification! The gas then combusts as well, resulting in all aspects of the original solid wood being burnt and a smoke free haze coming out of the chimney.

The result - you need half the wood to heat up twice as fast.

can this be coupled with a pizza oven?